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Accounting and Tax

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Accounting and Tax Applications 


Program Objective        



The aim of the program, businesses and organizations of the accounting department and public institutions to take responsibility in the accounting service and / or legal requirements after providing open and able to run on his own behalf at work is to train qualified manpower. To raise professionals who can coordinate the working of accounting transactions in a healthy and realiable way, by comprehending the functions of accounting in businesses and can comprehend the practice, need and innovation in accounting and law, have entrepreneurial sprit and analytical thinking. The objective of Program in Accounting and Tax is to enable students to gain conceptual and analytical thinking skills, and to adapt to modern life.


The aim of the programme is to train professionals in accounting to the public and private sector enterprises. During the period of study, the knowledge and skills of usage technology in addition to the knowledge and skills of basic accountancy are gained to the students.

Course Offerings

Information on course offerings in the Program in Accounting and Tax is available at https://obs.isparta.edu.tr/Public/EctsShowProgramDetails.aspx?BolumNo=3001&BirimNo=30

Examinations and Assessment

Assessment is based on the “Regulations on Instruction and Assessment in the Faculties of Open Education, Economics, and Business Administration at Anadolu University”, as well as the “Rules and Procedures of Instruction and Assessment in the Faculties of Open Education, Economics, and Business Administration at Anadolu University” and “Rules and Procedures of the Grading System in the Faculties of Open Education, Economics, and Business Administration at Isparta University of Applied Sciences”.

The webpage on Examinations in the Education System provides detailed information on:

  • Examination procedures and organization,
  • Examination dates,
  • Identification requirements in examinations, and examination rules,
  • Duration of examinations,
  • Past examination questions and answers,
  • Announcement of examination results,
  • Objections to examination results.

Further information on assessment procedures and grading policy is available on the webpage https://ispartamyo.isparta.edu.tr/en/departments/accounting-and-tax-10970s.html

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the program, a student is required to successfully complete the designated program of courses, get minimum 120 ECTS credits in total, achieve a minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00, and have no FF, FD or NA grades.

Students that meet the graduation requirements are granted “Associate Degree in Accounting and Taxation” from the Faculty of Open Education. 

Transfer Opportunities

Graduates of the program are required to take the Vertical Transfer Examination from Associate to Undergraduate Degree Programs (DGS) held by the Evaluation, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) in order to transfer to an on-campus or open education undergraduate program. Information on application requirements, programs, quotas, admission procedures, exam, assessment and placement is announced every year in the DGS guide. 

Garduates can continue their education in graduate(vertical) transfer in the Economic and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Business Administration , the teaching faculties of the accounting in formal education provided that they are successful in The Selection Examination for Vertical Transfer of Two-Year College Graduates ; also Anadolu University Open education Faculty without exam .

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Program in Accounting and Taxation are employed as assistant personnel in the accounting, financing and auditing services of businesses, and as assistants to independent accountants and financial consultants. They also have employment opportunities in banks, insurance companies, tourism, construction and industry businesses.